October 6, 2010

Reading the RITE Serhiy Salov makes Stravinsky’s masterpiece his own

(…) “At least Salov’s glittering technique and splendid ear for nuance and tone colour make the best case on Shamo’s behalf. His own transcription of (non-watered down) Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring is bound to raise purists’ eyebrows by way of its textual emendations and massive, arguably unidiomatic rubatos. No bassoonist would be caught dead wigggling around the opening motive as Salov does, nor would any conductor wishing to keep his or her job dare to stretch “Spring Rounds” to the edge of immobility. (…) Imagine Messiaen rewriting the Rite, and you’ll get the gist of Salov’s remarkable and beautifully engineered tour de force. Better still, hear it for yourself.”